gamescom: 25.–29.08.2020 for all: 26.–29.08.2020


1LIVE Sektor-Lounge

1LIVE Sektor-Lounge

1LIVE, Germany's most successful radio broadcaster for young people offered the perfect break from the trade fair action with the Sektor Lounge.

During a Silent DJ session, you could not only recharge your own battery in the deckchairs, but at the same time also power up the smartphone or tablet at the mobile charging stations.

The impressions gathered from gamescom could be shared directly with friends via the WLAN hotspot, and a special 3D photo tool made it possible to immortalise yourself in the latest and most popular gaming worlds. 1LIVE has also been broadcasted live from the Sektor Lounge on Saturday, 24 August with host Philipp Isterewicz.