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COS Cup - gamescom Cup

The COS Cup - gamescom Cup entered the 22nd round in 2019! As usual, the series consists of individual regional championships and contests, in which pro skaters, girls and masters (over 30s) from all over Germany could qualify for the German Championship, which will take place in Europa-Park at the end. The COS Cup is an open German championship and will not only be open in 2019, but also inclusive!

It was the penultimate tour stop to qualify for the German Skateboarding Championship on the first weekend of December in Rust. On three days you could experience skateboarding at the highest level including the award ceremony and highlights like the Teufel Best Trick Contest on top. Due to the lack of a run-up it was decided not to perform the Barrel Jump as a "long jump", but as a "trick over the set up barrels".