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THQ Nordic's Predrinking Bonanza | Event on the gamescom 2019
THQ Nordic GmbH

THQ Nordic's Predrinking Bonanza

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21.08.2018 | 5:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.
Hall 4.2 Stand A-041

THQ Nordic GmbH
Landstrasser Hauptstraße 1, Top 23
1030 Wien
+44 7855530861

The event

Well... the title says it all. If you know us, please come; if you don't know us, well, come, too! If you like us, feel free to come even more! If you don't like us, go drink bleach and/or eat tide pods, or roll around naked in a giant chocolate lava muffin.

We will have no food, just excellent drinks:

  • Hornig Kaffee. Proper coffee, probably the best you will ever have on any showfloor worldwide and prepped by our barista (yes, we are serious)
  • Almdudler (Austrian herbal lemonade), other soft drinks and sparkling water
  • Schleppe Maerzen beer on tap, and Schleppe Craftbeer
  • White wine from Wachau, lower Austria (the best vineyard sites produce some of the best white wine in the world with decades of aging potential)
  • Red wine from Burgenland (Full-bodied and rich red wines are produced under the influence of the hot, continental Pannonian climate)

Hospitality and catering is done via our partner SCHWARZ HIRSCH