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gamescom award 2019

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gamescom award honours the best games and products premiering at gamescom 2019. The submitted games and products are examined, evaluated and honoured by an independent international jury of experts. Stiftung Digitale Spielekultur organizes the award.

Application for gamescom awards 2019 is possible until 31 July

Registered exhibitors of gamescom can apply for the most coveted prize of the European computer and video games industry until 11:59 p.m. on 31 July 2019. The gamescom award will be presented in a total of 28 categories.

New procedure: Ten minutes video of gameplay footage required for submission

In order that a large number of categories, including all platform and genre categories, can already be awarded live the night before the gamescom within the gamescom opening night, the jury of the gamescom award views and evaluates the nominated games prior to the start of the trade fair. To this purpose, a jury session takes place two weeks prior to gamescom in Berlin.

All submitting parties are therefore requested to submit ten minutes of gameplay footage. The video can be commented in English or German (including English subtitles). Other specifications for the video are not given.

Again two award ceremonies: Monday, 19 August (jury winners) and Saturday, 24 August (public winners)

The winners in the categories nominated by the international jury will already be announced live the night before the gamescom within the gamescom opening night.

Games or products that could either only be first evaluated by the jury directly at gamescom or were chosen by the public, like "Best Booth" or the gamescom "Most Wanted“ Consumer Award, will be evaluated via the gamescom app as usual. The winners of these categories are going to be announced during a live stream from the gamescom studios on Saturday, 24 August.

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This is the jury!

  • Bayarmaa, Nomiko
  • Beyer-Fistrich Maria
  • Bosse, Uke
  • Boyko, Igor
  • Freyer, Oscar
  • Fritsch, Manuel
  • Fröhlich, Petra
  • Frye, Brendan
  • Gogolin, Heiko
  • Grimm, Rae
  • Hesse, Joachim
  • Hirsch, Valentina
  • Krüger, Max - Frodoapparat
  • Lim, Simon
  • Lindemann, Thomas
  • Ludwig, Lisa
  • Mancini, Davide
  • Meyer, René
  • Neufeld, Jenny
  • Ossowski, Sebastian
  • Rahmel, Valentin - Sarazar
  • Richtarski, Dennis
  • Rickards, ‎Marco Accordi
  • Schmidt, Caroline
  • Schmitz, Petra
  • N.N., N.N. - Saftiges Gnu
  • Steiniger, Stephan
  • Subasigüller, Serdar
  • Wehle, Paul
  • N.N., N.N. - Farbenfuchs

The award office is managed by the Stiftung Digitale Spielekultur

Your contact for enquiries:

Benjamin Rostalski, Mona Brandt | Awardbüro gamescom award
Stiftung Digitale Spielekultur GmbH
Torstraße 6 | 10119 Berlin | Germany
T +49 30 29 04 92 92