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Cosplay at gamescom 2020

gamescom cosplay village


Bigger, more colourful and more interactive: Never before has the cosplay village had more to offer than this year!

The Drawing Alley invited passionate drawers to demonstrate their artistic skills and offered a wide range of gastronomic offers and many opportunities to relax and linger.

But the main focus of the cosplay village remained of course the cosplayers and their breathtaking costumes, which bring the most different worlds to life.

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You think that you have the best costume of gamescom. Then apply now for the cosplay contest! A great experience and amazing prizes await you!

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Costume design rules

There are going to be selected entrances with trained security personnel for cosplayers at gamescom. So, in case you are uncertain about your requisites, you are welcome to have them checked.

Further information on the costume provisions can be found here (.pdf)

The highlights in the cosplay village

gamescom cosplay contest powered by HYDRAFORGE
gamescom cosplay stage

Transformation in focus!

On Saturday Cosplayer and crafter show their work on the cosplay stage in the Konrad-Adenauer-Saal (Congress Centre North). They are the centre of attention and show their works in a unique show. Great prizes await the winners in various categories.

The cosplay contest is a highlight for all people involved, the participants, the jury and the audience and thus created a programm duty!

Drawers' Alley

Many talented Mangaka and illustrators meet in the drawers' alley. Some of the most popular and most well-known representatives of the German illustrator scene come together here so that you can engage in an exchange with them and learn from them.

cosplay stage

At the cosplay stage there is the full package of cosplay show acts, competitions and interactive actions! Here you can present your cosplays and be entertained by cool show groups from the scene. Great dance performances, funny shows and breathtaking cosplays that you can look forward to.

Photo points

A dream for every cosplayer: You can have your cosplay professionally photographed and creative group shoots made in three different theme worlds under ideal conditions.

AJ Designs

The creations of AJ Design are an absolute cosplay highlight. They not only impress with impressive Iron Man cosplays, they also bring along a Ford Mustang converted into a transformer. A special highlight is the gamesbot, the official robot of gamescom.


Are you too shy to meet other cosplayers and gamers? No problem! You can simply take part in our meet-the-people and make new friends as easy as child's play.

You simply have to pick up a number from our info point on-site and display it well-visibly during your visit to the trade fair. In this way, all of the gamescom visitors interested can write messages to you - and you can easily come into contact with other cosplayers.

Daily Cosplay Treat

Your cosplay is particularly elaborate, funny or stands out from the crowds in some other manner? Then you can take part in the Daily Cosplay Treat and win fantastic prizes!