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gamescom studio

Your games and products as part of our german gamescom studio

The gamescom studio is our wide-reaching event companion with entertainment factor.

Here, the coolest content from gamescom now is put under the microscope - plus exclusive demos, interviews with game developers, influencer talks on news and new products, and much more!

You want to be a part of the German gamescom studio? There are two ways to participate:

1. Editorial:

Brand new game announcements and breaking game news that raise awareness for the livestream. This can include developer interviews, gameplay clips, or other ideas!

If you are interested in editorial integration, please fill out this form until 29. July.

Please note:

  • All information submitted in the form will be considered highly confidential and will only be shared with WEBEDIA's internal gamescom planning team.
  • Any exclusive arrangements for official gamescom 2021 livestreams in other languages (e.g. IGN's english livestream) also apply to and cover this livestream.
  • Applying for the livestream does not include coverage on any WEBEDIA editorial website.

If you represent two companies/agencies/games or want two individual games to be on the show, you will have to complete the form for each product.

Important deadlines:

  • 29. July - initial pitch
  • 16. August – B-Roll Submission
  • Asset delivery deadline: at least 72 hours before your interview record date. If LIVE, 72 hourse before LIVE date

Live Video asset specs (for B-Rroll and trailers): 1080p 60 fps (30 if not possible) h.264 mp4

VOD Video asset specs: 1080p or 4k 60 fps (30 if not possible) h.264 mp4

Art asset specs (for screenshots and thumbnails): 1080p, but 4k if possible. Sized at least 1920 x 1080, 72 ppi or larger. Prefer to have some options with no text

In-depth gameplay interview segments will be pre-recorded, the recordings will be scheduled from 3. August – 21. August.

2. Sponsorings:

Prices gamescom studio (DE)

Length / sec.Price 2021
30 1.400,00 EUR
60 2.100,00 EUR
90 2.700,00 EUR
120 3.500,00 EUR
150 4.500,00 EUR

Product placements or similar by individual arrangement.

Book your spots to benefit from the radiance of the gamescom studio!

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You can find all participation possibilities here