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gamescom cosplay contest 2021

In the past few weeks, the sewing machines have been running hot again, great props have been built, enchanting pictures have been taken and 20 great finalists have been selected from all the international applications for the great gamescom cosplay contest 2021.

On Friday, 27 August 2021 from 9 p.m., the time had come for our expert jury to marvel and discuss the great costumes in the digital cosplay village on gamescom now. The decision was not made easy for our jurors, but in the end the 5 winners were decided.

See for yourself, the best of the best of the gamescom cosplay contest 2021:

And the winner is...

  • 1st place Best Costume: "Revan Cosplay" from Kazakhstan - as Ezio Auditore de Firenze from Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, @afg_fencer
  • 2nd place Best Costume: "For Honor Props" from Germany - as Gladiator from For Honor, @forhonorprops
  • 3rd place Best Costume: Maike Huster from Germany - as Lilith from Diablo 4, @maikehuster3
  • Best Dress: "Silivren Cosplay" from Germany - as Jaina Proudmoore from World of Warcraft, @silivrencosplay
  • Best Built: "Roga Na Noge" from Russia - as Race Ferrea from Archeage in Oathbreaker Plate, @roga_na_noge

From left to right, please click on the image to enlarge

Our winners can look forward to great prizes:

1. Prize Best Costume:

  • 800 € Award Money
  • S.P.A.C.E - 1:1 Nano Gauntlet - Life-Size Movie Masterpiece (Avengers: Endgame) by Hot Toys
  • VOX heaphones VH-Q1
  • 150 € Voucher for
  • gamescom camping chair from gamescomwear

2. Prize Best Costume:

  • 300 € Award Money
  • S.P.A.C.E - 1/6 Scale Dante (Devil May Cry 3) by Asmus Toys
  • VOX headphones VH-Q1
  • 120 € Voucher for
  • gamescom camping chair from gamescomwear

3. Prize Best Costume:

  • 200 € Award Money
  • S.P.A.C.E - Harley Quinn Good Night Baseball Bat Prop Replica (Suicide Squad) by Noble Collection and 50 EUR voucher for “"
  • VOX mini E-guitar SDC-1
  • 80 € Voucher for
  • gamescom camping chair from gamescomwear

Best Dress:

  • 150 € Award Money
  • S.P.A.C.E - Majora's Mask Statue (The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask) by First4Figures and 50 EUR voucher for “"
  • VOX mini E-guitar SDC-1
  • 80 € Voucher for
  • gamescom camping chair from gamescomwear

Best Built:

  • 150 € Award Money
  • S.P.A.C.E - 12" Geralt (The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt) by McFarlane Toys and 50 EUR voucher for ““
  • VOX mini E-guitar SDC-1
  • 80 € Voucher for
  • gamescom camping chair from gamescomwear

Our sponsors:

These were the 20 finalists

The Jury

The jury of the gamescom cosplay contest is made up of three experts from the fields of cosplay, photography, etc. and will judge your costumes expertly.

Tiffany Gordon Cosplay

Tiffany Gordon Cosplay

Credit: Tiffany Gordon Cosplay

Tiffany Gordon Cosplay is a full-time cosplay builder, streamer on Twitch as well as an educator, teaching others how to create their own cosplays from scratch. She has been building cosplays since 2008, bringing to life her favorite characters from anime and games using a wide variety of materials such as leather, EVA foam, sewing, 3d modeling/ printing, worbla and much more! She is most known for her Auriel cosplay from Diablo III as well as Atlantic Mercy from Overwatch.

@ TiffanyGordonCosplay



Credit: Bai_long_cosplays

Bai_long_cosplays fulfilled his dream 3 years ago. He bought himself a lightsaber that could be used in a show fight to appease the Star Wars nerd in him. As soon as he had it in his hands, he wanted to own a matching outfit. But nothing off the rack. It had to be individual. An own design and an own backstory were thought up.

A few weeks later, with the help of dear friends, his first costume was created. A grey Jedi with a white lightsaber straight from the scrap mountains of Coruscant's underground.

That was the beginning of a new passion. Costume design, crafting and cosplay.

So far 3 more outfits have been created and another 3 are waiting to finally be finished. His characters are always created in close collaboration with people close to his heart and thus become projects of friendship. This is one reason why he likes to wear his cosplays so much.

All his cosplays have a very individual touch and are so robust that you could throw yourself into a battlefield without any problems. As a Shaolinkungfu trainer, they have to endure many an endurance test before he wears them in public. He loves weathering and aging. It must never look as if the clothes have just been taken out of the wardrobe. Battleworn is his style!

His motto when it comes to cosplay:

What is original? He cosplays to live his life, there is no place for restrictions and rules. His cosplay, his rules.


Bakka Cosplay

Bakka Cosplay

Credit: @eosAndy

Florence 'bakka' (34) has been a German-French hobby cosplayer since 2005 and through cosplay she came to make-up art in 2013. After many years of creating, she automatically evolved into a professional wigmaker after getting her diploma and master's degree in (video/design/illustration) art in France.

Her biggest and most viral project "Junkrat" (2016) with smoking, glowing and moving costume pieces, made her grow artistically and internationally.

Always looking for unusual projects and challenges in every project, she loves to surprise the audience and include many details: meticulous painting, smoke, smell, working and moving costume parts, hidden fun facts, etc....

See more cosplay under "bakka cosplay" on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch and Ko-fi/Patreon etc. or: See make-up work on her pages 'Florence Heyer FX' @florenceheyerfx on most social media sites.


The host: Mháire Stritter von Orkenspalter TV

Mháire Stritter

Credit: Mháire Stritter

Mháire has a long career as a vampire LARP orga and DSA roleplayer. In that capacity, she has written quite a bit about playing Rahjanis in LARP. Professionally, she got into moderating and journalism in 2011 when she took a job at PC Games / Buffed. In the meantime, she lives mainly from Orkenspalter TV as well as from writing and translation jobs.


The participants will be judged in several categories including sub categories:

Category 1: Similarity to the original

  • Proportion - size ratios of the built / sewed elements
  • Colors - how close are the colors to the original, wheathering, quality of colors
  • Details - How detailed is the costume, the smaller spots

Category 2: Way of construction

  • Craft - How much crafting skills were necessary, are there any hard parts/techniques?
  • Proposeful - How proposeful/comfy ist he costume, comfort and the ability to sit and drink? Mobility/changing by yourself?
  • Accessoires - Are there suitable accessoires (jewelry, weapons, ornaments)?

Category 3:

  • Overall Impression - Impression of the whole outfit including the performance

According to the gathered points out of these evaluation criteria, the winner will be drawed in the following categories:

  • Best costume 1-3
  • Best built (Armors, built costumes)
  • Best dress (Dresses, costumes which are mostly sewn)