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gamescom cosplay contest 2021

Last year, the first digital edition of the gamescom cosplay contest took place, crowning 5 fantastic winners in 3 categories . The digital edition reached cosplayers worldwide, allowing the jury to select the best of the best from 20 nations. The 1st place for Best Costume went to Canada to Oshleycosplay, who won one of the great prizes.

So, no matter where you are, fire up the sewing machine, build your props, register via the form and become part of the big cosplay contest at gamescom 2021. 20 finalists will be selected from all participants, who will be evaluated by an expert jury and judged in the stream.

You are the spotlight and you are the show!


The participants will be judged in several categories including sub categories:

Category 1: Similarity to the original

  • Proportion - size ratios of the built / sewed elements
  • Colors - how close are the colors to the original, wheathering, quality of colors
  • Details - How detailed is the costume, the smaller spots

Category 2: Way of construction

  • Craft - How much crafting skills were necessary, are there any hard parts/techniques?
  • Proposeful - How proposeful/comfy ist he costume, comfort and the ability to sit and drink? Mobility/changing by yourself?
  • Accessoires - Are there suitable accessoires (jewelry, weapons, ornaments)?

Category 3:

  • Overall Impression - Impression of the whole outfit including the performance

According to the gathered points out of these evaluation criteria, the winner will be drawed in the following categories:

  • Best costume 1-3
  • Best built (Armors, built costumes)
  • Best dress (Dresses, costumes which are mostly sewn)

Procedure and dates of the gamescom cosplay contest:

  • Registration via the form is possible until 08.08.2021 11:59 p.m. CET
  • An expert jury will select the 20 finalists from all participants. The finalists will be informed by e-mail on 11.08.2021.
  • The videos of the finalists must be submitted by 17.08.2021 11:59 p.m. CET
  • The cosplay contest will be broadcast on gamescom now on 27.08.2021, including the announcement of the lucky winners.

Click here for the registration form

Registration deadline is 08.08.2021 11:59 p.m. CET

Register now for the gamescom cosplay contest 2021.

The Jury

The jury of the gamescom cosplay contest is made up of three experts from the fields of cosplay, photography, etc. and will judge your costumes expertly.

Stay tuned and be the first to find out who will take on the difficult task of selecting only 5 of the fantastic costumes from all the participants of the gamescom cosplay contest.

Review of the winners of the cosplay contest 2020:

  1. 1st Place Best Costume: " Oshley Cosplay "
  2. 2nd Place Best Costume: "Raheega Cosplay"
  3. 3rd Place Best Costume: " Piece of Cake Cosplay "
  4. Best Built: " Margaret Cosplay "
  5. Best Dress: " Wrightbeatcosplay "

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gamescom cosplay contest 2020: 1st Place Best Costume: Oshley Cosplay


gamescom cosplay contest 2020: 2nd Place Best Costume: Raheega Cosplay


gamescom cosplay contest 2020: 3rd Place Best Costume: Piece of Cake Cosplay


gamescom cosplay contest 2020: Best Built: Margaret Cosplay


gamescom cosplay contest 2020: Best Dress: Wrightbeatcosplay