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gamescom: Awesome Indies

gamescom: Awesome Indies

In 2020 we celebrated the wonder-filled world of indie games with this genuine and quirky digital conference.

The gamescom: Awesome Indies will also return at gamescom 2021 in cooperation with IGN:

gamescom is a celebration of all games big and small, not to mention the food and culture of its host nation, Germany. Unfortunately, IGN couldn’t make it all the way to Cologne this year, so we hit up the next best place (that was within twenty miles of our office): world-famous Venice Beach in Los Angeles! Just like independent gaming, the Venice boardwalk draws people from all around the world, and makes for a raucous backdrop of food, culture, and spectacle. The Awesome Indies Showcase is back, with your Webby and Streamy Award-Winning Host, Michael Swaim! He’ll be celebrating summer and gamescom with a beach day full of exclusive trailers, fun and games, and the unique scene only Venice Beach locals can provide. So throw on some trunks, grab a cold drink, and get ready to get indie.

gamescom: Awesome Indies program 2021

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26.08.2021 11:30 AM (PST) / 8:30 PM (CEST) gamescom: Awesome Indies 1:00 PM (PST) / 10:00 PM (CEST)

Awesome Indies Showcase Host

Michael Swaim

Michael Swaim

Michael Swaim, Streamy and Webby-Award Winner host of hit series like Does Not Compute and Cracked’s After Hours and NYT bestselling author, climbs down from his massive pile of accolades to host our Awesome Indies Showcase from scenic Venice Beach, CA. A regular contributor to IGN, Game Theorist and Cinefix and host of What Up Science?, he'll be bringing you a whole mess of exclusive trailers, reveals, and gameplay breakdowns of the most exciting indie games on the horizon.

These were the highlights of gamescom: Awesome Indies 2020:

gamescom now

From 25.-27.08.2021 it was finally time again for games, news & goodies!

The world’s biggest gaming trade fair entered its 13th edition - this year again purely digital. gamescom 2021 is officially over, but you can still stream all content on demand on gamescom now until 30.09.2021!

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