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Frequently asked questions on gamescom

Admission fees 

  • Concession admission tickets

    • Persons entitled to a concession include schoolchildren as of 12 years of age, students, trainees, those performing their voluntary civil service (FSJ, FÖJ, BFD), senior citizens as of 65 years of age and persons with a severe disability. Please be absolutely sure to bring valid proof of your entitlement to a concession with you! Concession tickets authorise one time admission to the trade fair only on the day indicated.

Admission regulations

  • Trade Visitor Day

    • On the trade visitor and media day of gamescom (Tuesday, 25.08.2020) only legitimated trade visitors and accredited media representatives have access to gamescom. Koelnmesse may grant access to a limited number of private visitors on the Trade Visitor and Media Day.

      The gamescom business area is open to legitimised trade visitors from 25-27.08.2020.

  • Access authorization

    • As a private visitor, you have the possibility from Wednesday, 26 August 2021 to Saturday, 29 August 2021 to visit the entertainment area of gamescom with your admission ticket. Only trade visitors have access to the business area. Koelnmesse reserves the right to conduct suitable trade visitor checks on site. Access authorisation for children: no admission for babies and toddlers up to 3 years of age only when accompanied by an adult and only in the business area (access via entrance West). Admission for children up to 11 years of age only if accompanied by an adult. We wish to remind you that dogs and other pets are not allowed to enter the fair grounds.

  • Proof of trade visitor status

    • The character of trade visitors in the business area and at the gamescom exclusive Trade Visitor and Media Day is very important to the exhibitors and Koelnmesse. Industry and trade affiliation of trade visitors must be verified when you buy an admission ticket at the Ticket Shop or on site. As a result, trade visitors need to have a trade register excerpt, a trade certificate or other suitable documentation.

Advance sale price

  • Advance sale price

    • The advance sale price only applies for Ticket Shop orders up to and including the day before the event. Orders in the Ticket Shop are possible until midday of the last day of the trade fair.

Airline flights

  • Arrival by plane

    • You can reach Koelnmesse quickly and conveniently by air from all major European cities. The fair grounds are directly accessible, without any hassle, from both the Cologne/Bonn and Düsseldorf airports. You can find special low-cost flights to gamescom in Cologne at, for example, eurowings . Just click and book!

      The no. 13 suburban railway line provides a quick connection between the trade fair station "Köln-Deutz" and the Airport Cologne/Bonn. The journey lasts 12 minutes and, depending on the time of day, there are trains every 20 or 30 minutes. It doesn't get much faster than that.


  • Animals

    • We regret to inform you that animals are not allowed anywhere on the fair grounds.


  • gamescom camp

    • You can stay cheaply at the gamescom camp, the largest camping facility in Cologne. You can book your overnight stay in the gamescom camp online at

  • Camping

    • General: parking is available for motor homes and caravans in car park P21. Unfortunately it is not possible to reserve a parking space. A space incurs a daily charge of 10.00 euros. Please note that there are no water, electrical or other connections, and there is no night surveillance here. You can find a list of campsites in the area here .

      All information about the gamescom camp can be found at


  • Will exhibitors receive a refund in the event of postponement/cancellation due to the corona virus?

    • If an event is cancelled by Koelnmesse, exhibitors will be reimbursed 100% of the payments made to Koelnmesse. If Koelnmesse postpones a trade fair, existing contracts remain valid for the new date. If the exhibitors do not follow this offer, they will cancel their existing contracts and will then be refunded 100% of their payments they have made to Koelnmesse.

  • Will visitor tickets be refunded if they are already paid for, but a trade fair is then cancelled/postponed due to the corona virus?

    • If a Koelnmesse event is postponed or cancelled by Koelnmesse, buyers will be reimbursed for all visitor tickets already paid for. Voucher codes will no longer be valid; new codes will be made available for the new date.

Data protection 

  • Forwarding of personal data

    • By providing us with your personal data, you can benefit from a series of advantages: Koelnmesse will already provide you with targeted specialist information prior to your visit of the trade fair. This makes it easier and more comfortable to plan your visit.

  • Data transfer

    • Koelnmesse forwards your personal data to third parties to the extent this is necessary to process your orders, for the realisation of your trade fair visit and for the invoicing of services.

      In this way we offer you attractive additional services: we would like to get to know you and introduce you to interesting exhibitors and our partners. We also want to be able to provide you with even more support for your next visit to the trade fair.

      It is of course entirely up to you to decide whether you would like to use our services and provide us with data for forwarding to third parties.

      The following applies for visitors to Koelnmesse events: Koelnmesse will only forward the data of trade visitors to exhibitors, associations or third parties in accordance with certain prerequisites.

      The trade visitor has not refused the transfer of his data to exhibitors, associations or external companies and may have provided the necessary consent. In the case of a potential transfer of data to exhibitors, associations or external companies based abroad, we also check whether the basic conditions there are comparable with the data protection standards in the home country of the recipient of the data.

      The recipient of the data must otherwise assure Koelnmesse that it will observe the corresponding data protection standards, or Koelnmesse will outsource a trade fair activity to a different company. Such an outsourcing can involve the transfer of personal data to the buyer, insofar as he is directly involved with this activity. Koelnmesse will not sell or outsource your personal data to third parties for usage for other purposes.

      Our representations and our service partners in Germany and abroad are contractually obligated to implement the valid regulations and guidelines for data protection and data security in their entirety. The observance of this obligation is ascertained by Koelnmesse.

  • Data protection / data security

    • Your data, which you enter, for example, in order to order in our Ticket Shop, are transmitted encoded and are only forwarded to third parties to the extent this is necessary to process your order.

      You can find detailed information on which data we store and how we handle it under security and data protection .

      We are conscious of our responsibility for the protection of the data you entrust us with. Koelnmesse utilises a variety of security technologies to protect your information, including secure servers, firewalls and the encoding of financial data.

      Please keep in mind that the personal data you provide in these areas is also accessible to other users, and be sure to act with caution before deciding to share this information.

      Koelnmesse websites can provide forums, message boards and newsgroups or set up chat rooms.

E-Ticket pdf 

  • e-ticket delivery

    • Admission tickets are at your disposal directly following a successful order by clicking on the -> Download button. You can also receive all documents per e-mail in PDF format.


  • e-mail with admission ticket deleted

    • You can call up your admission ticket at any time in your personal login area of the gamescom Ticket Shop. To this purpose, simply log in at the Ticket Shop with your access data.

      You will find your admission tickets under the navigation point -> My orders. There you can call up and print out both your admission ticket for gamescom and your public transport ticket.

Framework program

  • gamescom congress

    • The gamescom Congress will take place in CC North. Up to date information will follow.

Handicapped person 

  • Wheelchair access

    • It is important to us that all gamescom visitors have a nice and uncomplicated stay at the fair. You can find all the information and maps about the barrier-free trade fair here .

      You can rent electric or manual wheelchairs on the exhibition grounds. If you would like to rent a wheelchair, you can do so by telephone at +49 221 821-2606 or by e-mail . The security office staff at the Entrance North and the security office staff at the Entrance East will be happy to help you with advice and assistance.

      Please bring your identity card and a 50.00 Euro deposit with you to pick up. The deposit will be returned to you when you return your wheelchair.

  • Disabled people - accompanying person

    • Persons accompanying someone who is disabled have free admission as long as the letter “B“ appears in your certificate of disability.


  • Hotels

    • Rooms can be booked with one of the Koelnmesse partner hotels simply and conveniently using the hotel booking system.


  • Opening hours and dates

    • The trade fair is open to all from 26 - 29 August 2021: at gamescom in Cologne you will discover the latest and best games, and can try them out immediately. You can find all information for the trade fair at You can find an overview of the opening hours for private visitors at Date and opening hours.


  • Invoice

    • Your invoice for your gamescom admission tickets, like the ticket itself, is available for download in the Ticket Shop directly following the order. You will also receive your invoice additionally via e-mail together with the ticket (as PDF attachment).

      If you would like to request a correction of your invoice, please proceed as follows: send us the original invoice by e-mail to . Please also provide us with the new address and any other information to be corrected. We will correct your invoice accordingly and send you the new invoice by e-mail.

      Your admission ticket and your public transport ticket remain valid as they are!


  • Jobs

    • All service providers and exhibitors bring their own staff members to the trade fair. You will have to contact the exhibitors directly about a job. Our partners offer jobs as hostesses, interpreters or security staff. You can find more detailed information here .


  • Travel and accommodation

    • We would like your stay, as well as your arrival at and departure from Koelnmesse to be as comfortable as possible, and offer you a variety of services for travel planning, as well as selected overnight and leisure options in Cologne and the vicinity. You can find all information and tips concerning this here .

List of exhibitors 

  • Exhibitor search

    • As of July 2021, you can see precisely which exhibitors will be exhibiting in which hall this year in our online exhibitor search.


  • Lockers

    • There is a cloakroom at every trade fair entrance. Our employees there will be happy to receive your luggage for safekeeping.


  • Bags / backpacks / food

    • In order to avoid waits, we ask you to leave baggage you don't urgently need for your visit to the trade fair at home. It is permitted to take sandwiches and water onto the grounds.


  • Arrival by car

    • Ten motorways are linked with the motorway ring around Cologne. You reach the fair grounds directly without being held up by crossings or traffic lights. Simply follow the green “Koelnmesse“ signs on motorways and A-roads (Bundesstraße).

      There are up to 14,000 parking spaces around the fair grounds. The parking fee of 10.00 euros (day parking ticket) is levied directly on site.

      At the gamescom 2020 the parking fee for the parking garage Zoobrücke and for the P22 is 15,00 Euro (day parking permit).

      Free shuttle buses run from the car parks to the entrances. Please note the environmental zone in Cologne!


  • Photography

    • The taking of photographs, filming, production of video recordings, drawing, painting, etc. for private purposes is fundamentally permitted. If you are carrying a tripod, please note that this may not be set up in the entrance areas for safety reasons.

      If you want to take pictures of trade stands, products of the exhibitors or other third parties, or of persons, this requires the prior assent of the respective owner. Under observance of the corresponding guidelines, professional photographers may accredit themselves as media representatives as of eraly summer 2021.

Press accreditation

  • Accreditation for media representatives

    • All media representatives (incl. influencers, YouTubers, bloggers, etc.) can accredit online in advance for gamescom 2021. Online accreditation will be possible from early summer 2021. Please note that on-site accreditation will no longer be offered.

Protection of minors

  • Youth protection

    • Exhibitors at gamescom must note important aspects of youth protection. Placement of stands in the trade fair halls will be discussed with our exhibitors. We make every effort to place these in the best possible manner (for visitors and exhibitors). As organisers of a trade fair of this kind, we have no influence on how our exhibitors present products at their stands. That is at the discretion of each exhibitor.

  • Age wristbands

    • Wristbands are available throughout the fair grounds. Important information: the wristbands will only be issued on presentation of valid photo ID (e.g. ID card/passport, student ID, driving licence, etc.)! You can find all information on the age wristbands All information about the age wristband will follow shortly.

  • Age limitation without exception

    • gamescom adheres to youth protection laws!

      The Koelnmesse fair grounds are open to the public, and we must comply with the law in cooperation with the USK (Entertainment Software Self-Regulation Authority) and the Youth Welfare Office. Unfortunately, a declaration from the parents is also not enough to get around the age limits for games. Of course, at home, you and your parents can decide what children are allowed to play. However, gamescom is a public event, so we strictly abide by the applicable laws.

Public transport

  • Public transport ticket missing / not present

    • You can call up your public transport ticket at any time in your personal login area of the gamescom Ticket Shop.

      To this purpose, simply log in at the Ticket Shop with your access data. You will find your public transport ticket under the navigation point -> My orders. There you can call up and print out both your public transport ticket for gamescom and your admission ticket.

  • Public transport ticket

    • Please note: The admission ticket and ticket for public transport are separate!

      Once you complete the payment process, your ticket will be available for immediate download in the gamescom ticket shop. You will also receive an e-mail with your order and invoice.

      Your ticket for public transport will be sent to you in a separate e-mail. Please print out your ticket or download the PDF file to your mobile device to use public transport free of charge. Please also note that this is only valid in combination with your admission ticket to the trade fair and your photo ID.

      The ticket for public transport entitles you to use the Transport Association Rhein-Sieg [Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Sieg (VRS)] and the Transport Association Rhein-Ruhr [Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr (VRR)] networks (travelling in 2nd class), free of charge, only to visit Koelnmesse during the trade fair period specified.

      It couldn’t be more convenient, and you’ll save time and money, too! Contact VRS and VRR directly to find out where and when the trains, buses and trains will be running.


  • Ticket Shop login

    • If you have registered for the Ticket Shop, please select “Yes, I have already registered“ -> Customer registration page. Now enter the password used for your lost login and your e-mail address. Please click -> Register now if you don't already have a password. In the next step you can then register and select a password for yourself. Please note that all fields marked with an obelisk (*) must be filled out. You can then purchase admission tickets in the Ticket Shop.


  • Safety/Security

    • As a trade fair company and organiser of gamescom, we strive to ensure the best possible conditions for trade fair participants and to meet the needs of our guests. The need for security remains a major issue for all stakeholders. Our goal is to satisfy this desire through the security measures in place while at the same time minimising the limitations this places on gamescom in all its facets.

      With this in mind, we kindly request: leave bags and backpacks at home

      In concrete terms, this means: If not absolutely necessary, please leave bags and backpacks, and any other items that you do not necessarily need for your visit to gamescom, at home. This will help keep waiting times as short as possible. Because: Control measures including bag checks will be conducted at the entrances before visitors can enter the trade fair complex. Please prepare for longer waiting times and assist us with these control measures by bringing little or no baggage with you to the trade fair. To plan your arrival: security checks will begin at 7:00 a.m. Waiting times must be planned.


  • Smoking

    • Smoking is not permitted in the exhibition halls. The German Federal Ministry of Health has stated that a general ban on smoking is regulated in the German Non-Smoking Act, without differentiation between different product groups such as cigars, cigarettes or e-cigarettes.

      Consequently, the use of e-cigarettes is also prohibited in places where a legal smoking ban is in effect.

Ticket cancellation

  • Ticket cancellation, return, transfer

    • In accordance with our General Terms and Conditions, the cancellation, return or transfer of tickets is not permitted under any circumstances. In urgent exceptional cases (e.g. name entered incorrectly when registering in the Ticket Shop), name changes for personalised tickets may be possible. See the point -> Name change with reference to this.

Ticket payment

  • Payment methods

    • You can pay for your admission ticket in the gamescom Ticket Shop by Paypal or credit card (MasterCard, VISA, Diners Club, American Express).

  • PayPal

    • At Koelnmesse you can securely pay for your admission tickets with PayPal.

Ticket price

Ticket printout

  • Printing the admission ticket

    • You should preferably print the online admission ticket in black and white on A4 paper. It is important that the bar code and your name are clearly legible.

Ticket Shipping 

  • Postage for tickets

    • Admission tickets are sent by e-mail as an e-ticket to the address you have provided. Your advantage: no postage charges encur.

Ticket shop

  • Ordering admission tickets by telephone

    • Unfortunately, due to data protection laws, it is not possible for us to process the orders by telephone. Please visit the gamescom Ticket Shop.

  • Ticket sales in the Internet

    • Buy your ticket for gamescom very easily in the gamescom Ticket Shop . To do this, simply register with our Ticket Shop in only a few clicks. Now follow the menu prompting and you can quickly and simply purchase your admission ticket. Your admission ticket entitles you to direct access to the exhibition halls during gamescom.

  • Tickets only at gamescom

    • Principally: valid admission tickets for gamescom are only available in the Ticket Shop of gamescom .

      We provide no guarantee and assume no liability whatsoever for other online platforms! Personalised admission tickets can and may not be sold further to third parties! Trade visitor admission tickets may also not principally be resold.

      The transfer of trade admission tickets and fraudulent assumption of trade visitor status are legally prohibited. We can not guarantee that the tickets sold on the Internet are valid.

      These can be duplicated. Any barcode that has already been depreciated is recognized as such in electronic admission control, and the ticket holder of a copied or duplicated online ticket is denied access.

Ticket shop data protection

  • Ticket Shop data storage

    • When you visit our websites, in addition to the technical parameters for the data transfer for each accessed page, our servers generally save the following data: date, time of day and duration of your visit, the IP address assigned to you by your Internet provider, the visited website, the user tool (i.e. web browser, operating system) you used to obtain access, the search term used in the search engines and in the site search, as well as whether access was successful or not, the called up information, including that of the downloads, and from which server you have come.

      Several of our websites send a cookie, a small text file, to your computer. This enables us to recognise your computer upon your next visit. If you don't wish to receive any cookies, please use the Help function of your Internet browser to find out how you can deactivate all cookies or receive a warning before the cookie is saved. In order to find out more about cookies, visit the following websitse: -> .

      If you are visiting our website to browse, read or download information, we collect and store some of your “visitor information“, for example, a unique ID, the name of the domain and of the host from where you entered the Internet, the IP address of your computer, the date and the time of your access to the website and the Internet address of the website from which you directly accessed our website. We use this information to record your visit to our websites and in order to be able to recognise visitors. This helps us to make our websites even more useful. We then delete this information again after a period of time. Additional data are then only saved when they are necessary for the processing of a trade fair visit or when you have provided us with this data voluntarily.

      However, it can occasionally occur that Koelnmesse receives your personal data from third parties. This includes, for example, the transmission of your data by associations, exhibitors, foreign representations, chambers of industry and commerce, or the provision of personal data by commercial address brokers. If you don't want us to use use personal data you haven't provided us with directly, please inform us of this by contacting the address found in the legal notice. If you send us e-mails, we gather, process and use your personal data to process our service offering, including the related correspondence.

      The same applies when you send us contact forms, letters or faxes. You can of course object to the usage of your data for advertising purposes at any time. You are regularly reminded of your right to object in all information and promotional correspondence. For your safety, we have undertaken all technical und organisational measures necessary to protect the gathered, processed and used data against loss, destruction, adulteration, manipulation, unauthorised access and unauthorised forwarding. Our employees are also bound to maintain data secrecy. They are regularly trained in the subjects of data protection and data security.

Ticket shop ordering

  • Ticket Shop orders

    • The ordered products are at your disposal as a download directly following a successful order. You will receive an order confirmation by e-mail shortly after placing your order in the Ticket Shop.

Ticket shop password

  • Change password / data in the Ticket Shop

    • You can change your personal data, your profile and your password at any time. You will find the -> Edit data link in the top right corner of the screen after logging in.

      Here you can edit information you have stored with us. Please click subsequently on “Save“ to confirm the changes.

  • Forgotten your password?

    • Should you forget your password, you can have a new one sent to you with the link -> Forgotten your password?.

      To this purpose please provide your first and last names and the e-mail address registered with us. You can change this password at any time after logging into our Ticket Shop under -> Edit data.

      If you no longer know the e-mail address with which you registered with us, please contact our hotline under the telephone number +49 221 821-3640 .

Ticket shop registration

  • Ticket Shop registration

    • With your registration information you also help us to orient the trade fair even better to your areas of interest and needs. Following successful registration you will receive a confirmation by e-mail.

Ticket shop, registration, deletion

  • Deleting your registration

    • In order to delete your data in the Ticket Shop, please contact our hotline under the telephone number +49 221 821-3640 .

Ticket Voucher

  • Exchanging vouchers / Redeeming voucher code

    • It's this easy to redeem your voucher code online:

      • Login or register for the first time at the Ticket Shop
      • Enter your voucher code in the input field and press “Redeem”
      • After completing the order transaction the ticket is available as a download
      • Print out your ticket or download to your mobile device

      Your advantage:

      You receive your public transport ticket with your admission ticket in a separate e-mail. Please print this PDF file out in A4 format and bring it with you to the trade fair. The public transport ticket only entitles you to travel to and from Koelnmesse over the period of the trade fair (2nd class) using the extended network of the Rhine-Sieg transport system (VRS) and the VRR. Exempted are Deutsche Bahn AG trains that are subject to a supplementary fare (e.g. IC/EC or ICE trains). Only valid in connection with valid photo identification and an admission ticket of Koelnmesse GmbH.

  • Exchanging vouchers

    • Vouchers are principally linked to a certain type of admission ticket, for example, a day ticket. The front of your voucher shows you which type of admission ticket you can exchange your voucher for. Offsetting against other admission tickets is unfortunately not possible.

      You can of course purchase additional admission tickets in the Ticket Shop.


  • Lanyard

    • The lanyards and corresponding slipcovers can be bought at the trade fair. You can also order t-shirts, lanyards, etc. online after the trade fair at Enjoy!

  • Name changes

    • In urgent exceptional cases we can allow for a change of the name on your ticket. In this case, please proceed in the following manner: First, please send the purchased admission ticket as a PDF to per e-mail with “NAME CHANGE“ for your order as the subject line. We will then cancel the admission ticket and refund the corresponding amount as a credit note to your credit card or Paypal account.

      Please note that cancelled admission tickets are blocked by our access system. We will then send you a confirmation of the cancellation. Afterwards you can buy a new ticket in the Ticket Shop. If the tickets for this day are already sold out, we will send you a voucher code. This voucher code can then be redeemed at the gamescom Ticket Shop, allowing for the purchase of a new ticket at the price valid on the day of sale. Please note that this price may deviate from the purchase price of your originally purchased ticket.

  • Ticket missing / not present

    • You can call up your admission ticket at any time in your personal login area of the gamescom Ticket Shop. To this purpose, simply log in at the Ticket Shop with your access data.

      You will find your admission ticket under the navigation point -> My orders print out both your admission ticket for gamescom and your public transport ticket.

  • Box office admission ticket

    • Day tickets are only sold at the box office if they have not already been sold out in advance sale!

  • Laminating the admission ticket

    • We advise against laminating the admission ticket. This can lead to problems with the scanners at the admission control if the bar code is not recognisable through the laminating film.

      We instead recommend using a plastic pocket. The admission ticket can then be removed from the sleeve at the admission control.

train connection

  • Arrival by train

    • Thanks to its central location, Koelnmesse can be reached very quickly from many cities in and outside of Germany with the German railway. Many European and InterCity trains stop at the Köln-Deutz trade fair station during the trade fair, directly opposite the Entrance South. More information can be found here .


  • After School Ticket

    • With an After School Ticket you have access to the gamescom entertainment area from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. At this time many visitors have left the fairground and there is an increased chance of faster access to the latest games at the stands of gamescom. You can buy the After School Ticket in the gamescom Ticket shop. The After School Ticket is available for everyone, not just students.

  • Child regulation

    • Infants under 3 years of age accompanied by their parents have access to the gamescom business area (access via Entrance West), but not to the entertainment area or other areas. Children aged from 4 to 6 years have free admission to gamescom when accompanied by their parents. Children under 12 years of age will only be granted admission to the fair if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.


  • Volume

    • Unfortunately, as organisers of gamescom, we have no influence over how the exhibitors present their products at their stands. However, a certain volume may not be exceeded in the exhibition halls. All exhibitors have been informed of this. At gamescom, so-called Sound Security will also be present to control the volume in the halls. Hearing protection can also be purchased at the box offices and on the fair grounds.

Waiting times

  • Waiting times

    • We try to keep waiting times at the entrance as short as possible, but unfortunately we cannot exclude waiting times, especially during rush hours (e.g. shortly before the fair starts). The visitor flows with and without tickets will thus once again be separated in 2019. A fast lane through Hall 11 will be available to ticket holders. However, due to the improved concept, we assume that all ticket holders will rapidly gain access to gamescom. In order to prevent overcrowding, admission tickets are only available until the maximum number of visitors per day is reached.

      Unfortunately, it may be the case that some stands will have queues. We are sorry for this as organisers, but the organisation of the queue management on the stand is in the hands of the exhibitors.

      However, it is normally possible to test the games outside of the peak times. There are fewer visitors in the evenings after 6 pm on all days. Furthermore, it is not only possible to try out games on site. There is an extensive supporting programme, including in the outdoor area of the trade fair. Visitors are thus dispersed throughout the fair grounds.


  • WiFi

    • NetCologne offers exclusive high-speed Internet via WiFi on the fair grounds. You can find more information on this at -> .