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gamescom 2020: Accreditation for creators

gamescom 2020 has started onThursday, August 27, 2020 with gamescom: Opening Night Live and runs until Sunday, August 30, 2020 - three full gaming days, with exciting content from our partners and our gamescom shows.

For you as a creator exclusive press content is available as well as direct contact to the press representatives of our partners.

Register on gamescom now and use your personal code, which you have received by e-mail, as a gamescom creator upgrade.

If you already had accreditation last year, use the e-mail address of your accreditation from 2019 to register on gamescom now.

If you were not accredited in 2019, use the online accreditation. Here you can get accredited for gamescom 2020 around the clock. After successful verification, you will receive your personal code quickly and easily by e-mail.

Please inform yourself in advance about the general accreditation guidelines and check if your medium/activity complies with the respective guidelines necessary for the issuance of an accreditation.

Co-streaming guidelines

You can also co-stream our shows on Twitch or YouTube without an accreditation. Listed below is what has to be observed.

Co-Streaming guidelines

General information

  • Please note that because of the numerous enquiries and checks, delays may occur in sending out codes. We shall endeavour to get back to you as quickly as possible.
  • Owing to the large number enquiries it is not possible to deal with individual queries.
  • Everyone must apply for accreditation individually via our online tool; collective enquiries cannot be taken into account.

Please check whether you can fulfil the following guidelines, which are necessary for a creator admission ticket to be issued.

  • The most important question first: Are you already 16 years old? Due to the youth protection regulations only creators aged 16 and over are permitted.
  • Are you part of a creator network? The agencies often organise the accreditation in advance. We would therefore kindly ask you to check first before using our online tool.
  • You are your own boss? Then you've come to the right place. The following criteria are important for an accreditation:
    • Is your website regularly fed with high-quality content news and articles?
    • Was your last article posted within the last month?
    • Are you named as the Editor in your online magazine?
    • Can you identify yourself as the owner of your streaming platform?
    • Can you prove a certain amount of reach of your activities?
    • The message of your medium is clear: Games, games and games.
    • Are colleagues of your medium already accredited? We reserve the right to limit the number of authorised individuals per medium.
    • We. Accept. No. Trolls. We will not support inappropriate contents and mobbing.
  • So that we can process your enquiry as soon as possible, please attach an appropriate document to your registration that proves you fulfil the above-mentioned criteria. For example, a screenshot of your channel information or a current article on your online magazine written by yourself.

Apply for accreditation

Use our accreditation service to apply for accreditation quickly and conveniently online.

Online Accreditation


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