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3 questions for #gamescomCamp 2019: What you should know


You don't know where to spend the nights during gamescom and are looking forward to talking and playing with other gamers? Then the gamescomCamp is the right place for you!

The gamecomCamp will open on the 19th and close its gates again on the 25th of August.

It has been welcoming around 3,500 gamers from all over the world, who meet and exchange ideas in the camp at the Jugendpark in Cologne, for 10 years now.
They spend the night in their own tents or group tents and can take part in various activities offered by the camp team at noon after the fair. Whether games, parties or relaxed evenings around the campfire, there is entertainment for everyone.

Yearly visitors of the gamescomCamp have surely experienced many highlights during their stay. We’ve asked the gamescomCamp three questions, to give you a better impression.

  • How did the idea of the camp come up?

When the relocation of gamescom from Leipzig to Cologne was decided in 2008, we took a look at the situation on scene and were quickly convinced of the great potential of the fair.
What we liked most was the community spirit within the gaming scene. Since there was also a camp in Leipzig, the idea was quickly transferred to Cologne: With the Jugendpark in Cologne, just a short walk from Koelnmesse, we found the ideal location. Already in 2009, in the first year of gamescom in Cologne, we created a campsite for people with similar interests, where many online communities use the opportunity to meet in reality.

Today it is not only a cheap place to stay, but Europe's largest gaming camp. We are very proud of what we were able to build thanks to the very pleasant gaming community.

  • What is the craziest thing your camp visitors have done in the last few years?

Every year we are impressed by the large number of regular guests, who arrive with their whole kit and caboodle and show a great willingness to help. In general, a spirit of help and community is a great asset in our camp. The most unusual dishes are cooked together, activities are planned, friendships are built and people are falling in love.
Many of our visitors have a strong passion for technology, which leads them to bringing their own solar cells, cooling elements and other unusual constructions. Surprised by so much inventiveness, we often have to do some convincing work to keep our campsite rules.

Every year the greatest highlight and an absolute goose bump moment is the camp-polonaise on friday evening. It covers the entire length of the camp, all the way to the front of our action area. There all campers are blissfully hugging each other for the last time and spend the rest of the evening at the campfire. Pure festival feeling at gamescomCamp!

  • What can gamescom visitors expect from you this year?

This year, in addition to the classic camping site, we have the very popular camp houses again. In other words: A wooden house for 4 persons with loft beds. If you like it more luxurious, you are very welcome to stay there.
In our action area, we will be setting up a skimboard-track for the first time! This offers a more varied experience next to the tent for retro-gaming, the stand + screen for gaming tournaments, the campfire, basketball court and ping-pong tables.

Want to join the gamescomCamp? Then get your ticket now!