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gamescom cosplay feature: Cosplayer Kristin shares her impressions from gamescom 2019

You're wondering what it's like to spend a day as a cosplayer at gamescom? Cosplayer Kristin has the answer for you! As part of our gamescom cosplay feature, Kristin shares her impressions from gamescom 2019 and shows you her personal highlights. Read her experience report here:

This year I visited gamescom in Cologne from 22.08 - 23.08.2019 and I have to say: It was one of the best events I have experienced so far.

On my first day I cosplayed as L from Death Note. It was really cool to see that a lot of other cosplayers wore the same costume as I did, which made talking about the anime pretty fun. I liked the fact that my cosplay was so well received by other cosplayers, as I got often recognized as well.

In terms of video games this year's gamescom was hard to beat, too. My personal highlights were Final Fantasy VII, Pokémon Sword & Shield and The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan. Among other things I was able to get some impressions of the stories of the showcased games. Besides the games, I was especially interested in the video game merchandise. For example, I discovered a huge figure of Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy and was really impressed by the attention to detail. At the end of the first day we searched a suitable location to take pictures of our cosplays – and the result is definitely worth a look! On the second day I cosplayed as Crymaria Lein from Valkyria Chronicles and my friend decided to wear her A2 cosplay from Nier Automata. We had to prepare a lot in advance, so we arrived at the fairground a little later – but the day was perfect nevertheless!

The first stop on our list was the cosplay village. We sang and danced to some old cartoon music from DuckTales, which a band played during the time we spent there. A lot of people recognized us in the cosplay village and took some photographs with us, too!

We were able to participate in a cosplay video that was produced by a photographer, which was an absolute highlight at gamescom.

Between all the impressions, experiences and stressful situations, good food can't be neglected of course! This time we looked for something new instead of fries or sandwiches. And there was definitely a really large selection – ranging from smoothies and frozen yoghurt through to crêpes or fruit salad. We finally opted for pulled pork burgers, fruit salads and delicious berry smoothies. *Yummie*

Before the end of the second day of our stay at gamescom we really wanted to take a picture with the Rocket Beans, but we were too late and missed our chance unfortunately. Nevertheless, we met Budi from the Rocket Beans in the merchandise area later on and took a picture with him of course!

It was a lot of fun to walk through all the halls and watch the numerous games, but also the atmosphere and stage appearances were really great. That's why I'm looking forward to next year and maybe we'll meet again at gamescom 2020!

If you want to see more cosplay content, follow Kristin on her social media channels:



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