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#gamescom2019: 7 tips for buying tickets


Tips on buying tickets

Are you also looking forward to the next gamescom? To make sure that you get to the fair without any problems, you should pay attention to a few things when buying tickets:

1) Open your eyes when buying tickets: Tickets for #gamescom2019 are only available at our official gamescom ticket shop. You are guaranteed to get the official (and cheapest) price and additionally you also get a ticket for local public transport. Don't buy the tickets through third parties (ebay, ebay classifieds, viagogo and others) - these tickets are usually overpriced, and in the worst case you won't get in because the tickets are personalized and non-transferable.

2) Buy tickets for you and your friends: If you register at the ticket shop, your purchase of tickets is limited to a maximum of 5 tickets per day. Please make sure that the tickets are personalized accurately, i.e. that all names are spelled correctly. The tickets will be sent to you by mail or to your mobile phone.

3) Simple payment procedure: Pay your admission tickets via PayPal or credit card.

4) Easy travel tickets: You will receive your travel ticket in a separate e-mail. If you buy Early Bird tickets, you may receive your tickets at a later date. Don't be surprised: If a person buys five tickets, the address of the purchaser will appear on all tickets for organizational reasons. The address on the ticket is not relevant, only the first name and last name on the ticket will be checked. You should make sure that the correct name appears on the tickets, because the ticket is only valid in combination with the day ticket for gamescom and a personal ID card.

5) You printed your ticket but lost it?? No problem: If you are registered in the ticket shop, you can login and retrieve tickets at any time under the menu item "My Orders".

6) Ticket exchange: Personalized tickets are not exchangeable. The resale of personalized tickets is not allowed - therefore it is important that you enter the correct names when purchasing tickets.

7) This will make it even cheaper: Pupils aged 7 and older, students, trainees, persons doing voluntary social work (FSJ, FÖJ, BFD), pensioners, senior citizens aged 65 and over as well as disabled persons are entitled to purchase reduced day tickets. Please note that admission for children up to 11 years of age is only possible when accompanied by an adult. A valid proof of entitlement to a concession (e.g. student ID) must be brought to gamescom. High school graduates who are still pupils at the time of ticket purchase but have finished school before the gamescom can bring their old student ID with them. The same applies to apprentices and students - please bring your proof of identity with you.

Still no ticket for #gamescom2019? Then get your ticket now in the official online Ticket Shop !

See you at gamescom!