gamescom: 25.–29.08.2021 devcom: 23.–29.08.2021 #gamescom

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Safe and easy: buy gamescom tickets at the official ticket shop now


Did you already buy your ticket for this year's gamescom? No? Then get going! But be careful: There are tons of good reasons why you should only buy tickets on our official gamescom website.

The most important one: tickets for gamescom 2018 are only available from our official ticket shop, but there are always private individuals who resell them on different platforms. Why do we advise against it?

Third party tickets are not a good idea because ...

  • they are usually overpriced
  • some platforms and vendors are dubious
  • you may never receive the tickets
  • they may be counterfeit
  • they are personalised and non-transferable
  • you get the best price via the official ticket shop
  • they may not give you permission to enter.

You should buy the tickets in the official ticket shop because ...

  • you can access your ticket online anytime
  • your ticket is also valid for local public transport
  • you can buy your tickets easily and, above all, securely
  • you get the tickets at a fair price
  • you have the opportunity to buy reduced tickets
  • you won't have any problems getting in.

For the spontaneous ones among you we offer discounted afternoon tickets on all days with admission from around 2 p.m. at the local box offices in addition to the usual day tickets - if the specific day is sold out at that point. Admission depends on how many visitors leave gamescom early. Waiting times for afternoon tickets cannot be ruled out. You'd rather play it safe? Then buy your ticket for gamescom 2018 now and join the world's largest event for computer and video games!