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New Recaro Exo Gaming Seat at Gamescom

Stuttgart/Cologne, August 20, 2019. Recaro eGaming brings its new Gaming Seats to Cologne for the world's biggest video game trade show. Both gamers and eSports players are invited to try out the new original from Recaro. The Recaro Exo is presented in various versions with different options at Stand E030 in Hall 10.1. With 120 m2 of exhibition space, the Recaro team is not only offering extensive testing opportunities for visitors, but is also looking forward to plenty of in-depth discussions with the gaming community.

"We see the seat as a key part of the pro gaming setup," says Efstratios Putuludis, Deputy Managing Director of Recaro eGaming GmbH & Co. and himself an active gamer. "That's why, unlike an office chair, it has to be uncompromisingly tailored to the specific needs and demands of gamers and eSports players. Interested gamers can come to our Gamescom stand in Cologne and experience for themselves the tangible advantages and enhanced performance that comes with the Recaro Exo."

In conceiving the new Gaming Seat, the Recaro team worked in close consultation with the gaming community. At the same time, its development process also incorporated the profound ergonomics expertise of the Recaro Group specialists.

The advantages of the Recaro Exo at a glance:
* Ergonomic sitting position: The Recaro Exo features a specially developed seat shell whose shape supports the body while always keeping it in an ideal sitting position. By combining an anti-submarining ramp in the seat cushion with pelvic and lumbar support in the backrest, the Recaro Exo ensures that the pelvis is correctly angled. With its high-performance foam and ergonomic contouring, the upholstery is designed to perfectly distribute the pressure beneath the thighs, thus promoting healthy circulation. The innovative rocking function helps loosen the back muscles during more relaxed moments, while also promoting the regeneration of the spinal discs after a long period of sitting.
* Adjustment capabilities: For fine-tuning the Recaro Exo to fit the gamer's body and personal preferences. Adjustable functions: seat height, seat tilt, backrest angle, rocking movement range and resistance, four gaming positions, armrests with 4D or 5D functionality: height, width, lengthwise position, horizontal rotation by 60° (4D) or 360° (5D), ability to fold sideways to the back (5D)
* Materials/Workmanship: The Recaro Exo is characterized by its premium materials and superior workmanship, even in hidden areas. This includes a backrest mechanism with knobs on each side for changing the backrest angle (like in Recaro car seats), specially developed upholstery foam from the premium automotive segment for exceptional dimensional stability and longevity, breathable upholstery fabric for a comfortable body climate in the back and seat area, low-noise mechanics and universal castors.

The four gaming positions of the Recaro Exo:
* "Attack": For gamers who seek out the competition. Sitting extra close to the mouse and keyboard, the player can act and react more quickly. Particularly suitable for eSports tournaments and multiplayer games organized in leagues or ranks.
* "Core Focus": For players who focus on the challenge above all. Allows for concentrated gaming outside of tournaments. Particularly suitable for more in-depth games, multiplayer games without leagues, and deep sessions of any kind.
* "Core Relax": Helps you unwind when delving into a game. Let the gamer relax better and enjoy the game's leisure entertainment value. Particularly suitable for exploring open-world scenarios and story-driven single-player games.
* "Recharge": For relaxation between rounds and during breaks. With the backrest reclined, players can renew their concentration and energies.

The Recaro Exo is available in three models:
* Recaro Exo: Core version in Shadow Grey, Midnight Blue or Berry Red/Purple
* Recaro Exo FX: Enhanced version featuring soft-touch armrests with 5D functionality, aluminum base
* Recaro Exo Platinum: Premium version with exclusive color accents and mesh contrasts, soft-touch armrests with 5D functionality, special castors on polished aluminum base, seat shell in off-white

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Recaro eGaming specializes in the development, production and marketing of gaming seats. Based in Stuttgart, the company is part of the Recaro Group, which also includes Recaro Holding (Stuttgart) and Recaro Aircraft Seating (Schwäbisch Hall). The brand's business in automotive seats, as well as in child seats and strollers, is operated by licensing partners.

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