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Application group participation

Please use our application forms to register your group stand.

You can find them here (.pdf)

Please note the following information:

  1. Please let us know definitively the amount of space you will need for your group stand at the trade fair. The area you need is the sum of the individual spaces occupied by exhibitors, service areas and “internal” aisles. We require that a registration form 1.12 which has been filled in by you and bears your legally binding signature as the group organizer be returned to us by 13 February, to benefit from our early booking discount.
  2. If you return the registration forms bearing your signature by the deadline, we expect to be able to send you the space confirmation with the hall layout plan around Spring 2020. In accordance with Item II of the General Section of the Conditions of Participation, the contract between you and Koelnmesse GmbH takes effect upon receipt of this space confirmation.
    Contractual relationships exist exclusively between Koelnmesse and you as the group organizer, in accordance with Item V of the General Section of the Conditions of Participation. The same applies to entries in the Marketing Package.
    Subsequent reductions of the stand area (such as when companies cancel their participation at a group stand after you received the space confirmation) are treated in the same way as a cancellation of the contractual relationship. Item II.8 of the Conditions of Participation General Section applies: Following receipt of acceptance/stand area confirmation, in general, revocation is no longer possible. The organizer can agree to the request for release from the contract in exceptional cases if the stand space no longer required can be assigned to another exhibitor against payment. In this instance, the organizer is entitled to demand general reimbursement of the costs incurred corresponding to 25 % of the participation fee without providing proof, unless otherwise specified in the Special Section of the Conditions of Participation. If the stand area cannot be assigned to a third party against payment, the contract remains in force and the participation fee must be paid in full.
  3. Group participants (companies that will participate in gamescom 2019 at the group stand that you have organized, under their own name and with their own personnel and products) can be registered electronically by submitting an Excel table. The additional registration of co-exhibitors with group participants is not possible. This means that separate registration forms are not needed from the group participants when registering electronically! The information is used as the basis for the entry in the Marketing Package, among other uses. It is therefore important that you list the participants in the alphabetically structured Excel table according to the first letters of the company names.

    The corresponding tables must be received by Koelnmesse by 1 June 2020. Participants will not be entered the Marketing Package unless you have submitted the Excel table by the deadline. As the group organizer, you are responsible for the proper entry of your group participants in the Marketing Package.
  4. Each participant must fulfil the requirements for taking part in gamescom 2020. In this regard, please note in particular Item 2 of Special Section of the Conditions of Participation. Koelnmesse is entitled to reject companies that do not fulfil the requirements for taking part in gamescom 2020.
  5. The distribution of individual areas is your responsibility as the organizer of the joint stand. This information will be used as the basis for the allocation of the individual stand numbers and thus for the entry of the stand numbers in the Marketing Package. Koelnmesse will allocate the stand numbers. Koelnmesse must be notified as to how the individual areas have been distributed by 1 June 2020. Otherwise the group stand won’t be divided into separate spaces and all group participants will be mentioned with the same booth number in the exhibitor list.
  6. We expect to be able to send you the space invoice for all of the areas occupied by you and your group participants around June 2020. Invoices for the participation fee and all additional costs, in particular the costs for the Marketing Package per group participant and other services, will be issued to you as the group organizer. This does not apply if a group participant has ordered additional services from Koelnmesse GmbH. Together with the invoice we will also send you the exhibitor passes and work passes for the companies exhibiting at your joint stands. The amount listed in the invoice must be paid on time (the invoiced amount is due immediately upon receipt of the invoice) in order for the group participants to occupy the stand area.
  7. 265 EUR for the Marketing Package need to be paid by the group organiser as well as each group participant. The components of these media for group organiser and group participant are as follows:
    - Entry in the alphabetical list of exhibitors in all available fair media
    - Display of the logo in the gamescom app
    - Unlimited number of product entries in the app and the online exhibitor search
    - Inclusion and activation for gamescom Matchmaking365
    - Activation for the gamescom Schedule Organiser Online
  8. Koelnmesse GmbH will invoice you for a down payment for additional costs for the services you use during gamescom 2020. The amount of the down payment is based on the services invoiced at the previous event.
    For group participations that did not take part in the previous event, the down payment amounts to 35.50 EUR per m² plus the costs for the obligatory marketing services (Marketing Package); see Item 7.2, Special Participation Conditions. The amount listed in the invoice must be paid on time (the invoiced amount is due immediately upon receipt of the invoice) in order for the group participants to occupy the space area.
  9. As a group organiser you will receive 3 exhibitor passes free of charge (valid for the period from the first construction day to the last dismantling day), as well as 3 free passes per group participant. We will send you the passes along with the invoice for the participation fee. Additionally required exhibitor passes for stand personnel can be ordered online for a fee.