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Application merchandise area

The merchandise area offers visitors to gamescom a fan experience of a special kind. Here you have the opportunity to sell your merchandise and fan articles directly to the visitors of gamescom.

Important rules on selling

The sale of gaming merchandise is permitted exclusively in the merchandise area. The sale of software, hardware, accessories or other products in the standard gamescom List of Goods (see form 1.30) (.pdf) is forbidden.

Take note of the security measures: Sales ban on weapons, imitation weapons and weapon-like items

Weapons, imitation weapons and weapon-like items - regardless of what material they are made of - are not allowed to be presented, offered for sale or sold at gamescom. Should any doubt exist as to whether an article falls under the ban on offering or selling a product, please contact the organiser. Furthermore, the legal stipulations of the Federal Republic of Germany must be observed for the presentation and sale of products; Koelnmesse will carry out controls and in the case of breaches against these regulations will take the necessary measures, in particular it will demand the removal of weapons, imitation weapons and weapon-like items and other products, which do not correspond with the product directory, the presentation of which do not meet with the stipulations of the Federal Republic or which as a result of their appearance could cause a considerable disruption to the operation of the trade fair or endanger the safety of exhibitors and visitors, Clause 6 of the General Conditions of Participation for gamescom, Special Section, Clause III of the General Conditions of Participation for gamescom, General Section.

Only licensed products may be sold in the merchandise area at gamescom

Koelnmesse is entitled to carry out inspections during the event and to close the exhibitor’s stand when, despite a corresponding warning, it is being used for the presentation of items for which the necessary licences cannot be proven. Regarding the sale of Lucky Bags, where the contents are not known or visible to the buyer beforehand, we ask for prior notification of the products to be sold. The sale of Lucky Bags is only permitted after prior approval by Koelnmesse.


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