gamescom: 25.–29.08.2021 devcom: 23.–29.08.2021 #gamescom

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2nd day of gamescom2020

Day 2 of gamescom 2020 featured lots of news and buzz around the announcements that premiered in the gamescom: Opening Night Live on August 27th . In the Pilot Episode of the gamescom Daily Show, host Michael Swaim dug deeper into some of the standout games and highlight moments of the convention.


  • Just Die Already Exclusive Cyberpunk 2077 Parody Trailer
  • Opening Monologue: Opening Night Live Recap
  • Conversational German for Gamers (Segment 1)
  • gamescom Partner Let’s Play: Surgery Simulator 2 w/Developer
  • Conversational German for Gamers (Segment 2)
  • Today In Esports: Fordzilla ONL + Weekend Heats/CTA for ESL One Finals
  • Cosplay Showcase
  • gamescom Partner Let’s Play: Operation Tango w/Influencer Parris Lilly
  • Conversational German for Gamers (Segment 3)
  • gamescom Partner Let’s Play: Radical Relocation vs Death Stranding
  • Interview: Geoff Keighley
  • gamescom Virtual Indie Booth Tour
  • gamescom Royale: Community Poll on gamescom festivities

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