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Information for exhibitors

Security measures at gamescom

- Our request: leave bags and rucksacks at home

If not absolutely necessary, please leave bags and rucksacks and item of all kinds that you don't urgently need for your presence/participation at gamescom at home in order to keep the waiting times to a minimum. This is because control measures, incl. bag checks, will be carried out at the entrances before entering the fair grounds. Please expect longer queuing times and support us in carrying out the control measures by bringing no or as little luggage as possible with you to the fair. We recommend that you plan your arrival at the fair grounds early due to the stricter control measures. The security controls start at 7:00 a.m. Queues must be expected

Furthermore, we would kindly ask you to hand out the exhibitor pass for your employees to the legitimate person in advance, and pass on the intensified security measures to your employees in advance accompanied by the request to observe these accordingly.

The following applies for service providers hired by exhibitors (i.e. foodservice at gamescom): in order to gain access to the grounds, a written, regular order from the exhibitor has to be presented, i.e. on headed paper, including the name of the orderer, reference, etc.

Dear exhibitors:

As a trade fair organisation and organiser of gamescom, it is our duty to organise the framework conditions for the trade fair participants as efficiently as possible and to satisfy the needs of our guests. The need for security remains a big topic for all participants. It is our aim to meet this requirement by the safety measures and at the same time limiting gamescom in all its facets as little as possible.

We hope for your understanding and your support.

Costume design regulations for cosplayer at gamescom