gamescom: 20.–24.08.2019 for all: 21.–24.08.2019


Trade visitor target groups

Which target groups is the gamescom aimed at? All those who are significant for successful business in the games sector: all kinds of trade, buyers and suppliers as well as Content Provider, Developer and Publisher, to name just the main ones.

With the latest innovations and premieres gamescom is the world's largest trade fair and event highlight for interactive games and entertainment.

Trade visitors are all company representatives from the following areas of the games sector with proof from the age of 18 (in exceptional cases from the age of 16, for example in case of appointments with exhibitors).



  • Entertainment/games
  • Entertainment movies
  • Entertainment/music
  • Edutainment
  • Hardware
  • Infotainment
  • Internet
  • Media
  • Telecommunications
    • State organisations in the digital and IT Section (e.g. "business development")
    • Market research institutes (employees of GfK, Forsa etc.)
    • Dealers of virtual items from online games if there is an approval of the rights holder
    • Representatives of companies with an understandable interest in the technology of the games sector (e.g. opticians - 3D glasses)
    • Multi Channel Networks ("MCN") on YouTube , with written proof of the reference to games

Economic levels

  • Content provider
  • Developer
  • Service
  • Retail trade
  • Wholesale trade
  • Manufacturer/production company
  • Online trading
  • Publisher
  • Mailorder trade

University, college and technical school (relevant courses of studies with Games relation)

  • Foreign study programs with unique games-reference
  • Students with a scientific interest in the games industry (official letter of the university is required)
  • study programs (games development, games graphics, games engineering) of S4G School for Games GmbH, Berlin

Not permissible

  • Pupils
  • YouTubers, streamer, blogs/groups/communities, online portals, media (please apply for press accreditation )


  • Trainees in trade: As a trainee in the entire games sector a written proof of the employer must be submitted stating that the fair is to be visited by order of the company. In this case the legitimation as trade visitor is possible; there is, however, no reduction in such case.

Permissible trade visitor proofs

  • Extract from the commercial register
  • Dealer identification
  • Trading licence

Trade visitors

Maintaining the trade visitor character in the business area and on the exclusive trade visitor and media day at gamescom is very important to the exhibitors and to Koelnmesse GmbH.

Trade visitors have to prove their industry affiliation when purchasing their admission tickets. To this end, trade visitors need to provide a commercial register extract or trade licence, etc., which proves that they are professionally involved with the development, production or sale/trade of games and/or gaming accessories. A voucher for a trade visitor admission ticket does not suffice as proof of industry