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gamescom Meme Competition 2021

Show us your gaming memes!

FEARTURE continues his mischief to catapult the gaming industry back into the past. Join the gamescom Meme Competition 2021 and make FEARTURE laugh to dissuade him from his plan. Post your funniest gaming memes with the hashtag #GCMEMECOMP on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Meme Competition

Help out!

Make FEARTURE laugh with a funny meme. Every meme helps to fulfill the quest at gamescom EPIX. Check out the progress of the quest on gamescom now.

Join in under #GCMEMECOMP and stop him from attacking the gaming universe.

Meme Competition

And how does the gamescom Meme Competition 2021 work now?

  • You create your meme - text, image or video are allowed
  • You post your meme on social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and use the hashtag #GCMEMECOMP - the competition runs from August 20-24, 2021.
  • The quest will be solved the more fans participate in the competition.

What to keep in mind with your memes:

Humor is very important to us and we can also laugh at ourselves, so feel free to tease us a bit - because who doesn't know that feeling of standing in the long line for an hour for your favorite game, even though you really need to go to the bathroom?

But humor also has its limits:

We do not tolerate hate, sexism, racism, homophobia or other offensive comments!