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Review 3rd day of gamescom 2020

The lighthouse of day 3 of gamescom 2020 was clearly the new show gamescom: Awesome Indies.

From 25.-27.08.2021 it was finally time again for games, news and goodies!

The world’s biggest gaming trade fair entered its 13th edition - this year again purely digital. gamescom 2021 is officially over, but you can still stream all content on demand on gamescom now until 30.09.2021! Take a look and celebrate the gaming culture with us!

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Michael Swaim

IGN's own indie expert Tom Marks, along with Michael Swaim and Brian Altano, led us through some of the strangest and most exciting games yet to be released by independent developers.

Titles from over 30 developers were shown, including well-known games such as way: The Survival Series (Breaking Walls), A Juggler's Tale (Mixtvision), Adventures of Chris (Graffiti Games), Ghostrunner (All In! Games) and Skul: Hero Slayer (Neowiz). Interviews with the developers supplemented the material shown with exclusive background information.

eSports full

TeamFordzilla Cup

Also central on day 3: eSport! In the final of the North America division of the ESL One Cologne 2020, the players of Evil Geniuses were able to prevail against the opponents of Team Liquid over five exciting matches in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Another very popular eSports title was also given a stage through the League of Legends Prime League All-Stars event. Top players chosen by fans came together in colourful teams and competed against each other for over four hours. In the end the team around Agurin (Unicorns Of Love Sexy Edition) defeated the team of Rocklho (OP innogy eSport).

Fans of racing games got their money's worth during the semi-final rounds of the TeamFordzilla Cup, while strategists enjoyed the second day of the Iron Harvest ESL pre-season tournament.